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Step up from posting photos. It’s time for videos to take over.

Teazer is the one and only social networking application from India and the only application of its kind in the world.

Moving a step ahead from posting photos, it’s the time for videos to take over with the most personalised content that the user would like to share across the globe and to be viewed by one and all.

It’s time to step up the game


Missing a birthday party of your best friend!?
  • Travelling abroad for the first time?
  • Cooking for the first time?
  • Like the Eiffel tower?
  • Good at Singing, Dancing, Skating, etc....
  • Going on a long drive and you record everything
  • Want to showcase your talent in what your good at?
  • See what people think about what all u do than to just read their comments?

A platform where it’s not only about reading comments of what people post on your Facebook or instagram posts, when everything is visual on any social networks , why to just stop there when even comments and likes can be visualised
let’s take a steo forward and visualise everything we see on a social network
It’s not about reading comments of people anymore, instead see what your friends and family and everyone else think about when you go social
With unlimited possibilities to what you can do, also see what others think of in a visual form.
With lots of features and updates coming up regularly to have you never bored and always interested in the application.